Site / Asset Remediation

Toxic Solutions will assist restoring a site to a clean status, which is not as simple as pumping out waste liquids or digging up contaminated soil.  Among the processes are wastewater treatment, drying/separation, vacuum services, AST/UST management, confined space activities, well sampling/monitoring, in-process decontamination, demolition, soil remediation, tank cleaning and unknowns identification.  If on-site treatments are insufficient to resolve the situation, off-site treatment and disposal can be done securely and safely.

By applying the same process Solutionses to your surplus, idle, or obsolete surplus assets, Toxic Solutions solves the headache associated with remediation and removal of your surplus assets.  Toxic Solutions provides certificates of disposal and/or recycling depending on asset type.  Examples include:  motors, transformers, valves, piping, compressors, pressure vessels, etc.

Remedial Experience

  • Soil vapor extraction
  • PCB Field Testing
  • Ground water recovery and treatment
  • Capping/in-place stabilization
  • Strategic contaminant excavation
  • Duel-phase extraction
  • Bioremediation of soil and ground water
  • Spill response
  • Turn-key hazardous waste remedial design, construction, and operations and maintenance

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